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Sterling Silver Galaxy Ring

Fully adjustable in size, this sterling silver ring holds a graphic made of enamel and resin. Dark blue with light blue specks, the enamel and resin form together to resemble a galaxy. Sold on Etsy.


Death Wish Coffee

This whole bean coffee is a premium dark roast which is 200% stronger than your average, run of the mill coffee. Strong, robust, flavorful, and sure to keep you up for days on end. Available in one-pound bags. Sold on Amazon.


Skeletal Swimsuit

This one-piece spandex swimsuit is printed with an all-over skeletal design. Currently on sale for just $7.51 with FREE SHIPPING at Amazon!


Glow In The Dark Dandelion Necklace

Inside of this teardrop-shaped glass pendant rests several dandelion seeds, waiting to grant your wishes. The pendant is accented with a flower-shaped bead cap and glows bright blue when worn in the dark. Sold on Etsy.


Bra With Pockets

This functional bra can hold most cellphones, IDs, and other small items regardless of bust size. Items won’t change the way the bra fits you. Currently on sale at Amazon!


Galaxy Print Leggings

These leggings feature all-over prints of various galaxies. Positively out of this world. Currently on sale for just $7.76 with FREE SHIPPING at Amazon!


Dementor / Patronus Custom Harry Potter TOMS

These particular TOMS feature a Dementor and a Patronus. Custom orders available to suit the needs of any Harry Potter fan. Sold on Etsy.


Dragon’s Breath Fire Opal Nebula Ring

Resting in an ornate, sterling silver setting, this Victorian style ring features a pink fire opal. Resembling the image of a nebula, the pink fire opal shows blue tints when in the light. Sold on Etsy.




Some horror films I’m looking forward to!

Cooties was at sundance while I was there and everyone says it’s fantastic. A little iffy about Annabelle and Ouija, but As Above So Below and Green Inferno are going to be fucking AWESOME

the trailer for Ouija was terrible which is a shame because you could do some much with that material, but im interesting in a bunch of these other movies.



My parents are both pastors and once I was fucking this one dude who’s dad was the pastor of the rival church and he whispered ‘talk biblical to me’ so i started reciting Psalms  23 and we ended up getting into a competition of who could recite the most bible versus before they cummed

you need less jesus

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those moments when straight people assume you’re one of them and you feel like a gay secret agent


bi spy 

it’s an ace case

Secret gaygent.

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